What is transitions?

Transitions is a free program for individuals undergoing curative as well as palliative treatment. Its mission is to provide volunteer and case management services to individuals with a prognosis of one year or less to live and their families. It serves clients in Boyle, Garrard, Lincoln and Mercer counties. Anyone experiencing life-limiting illness is eligible for services once their primary physician gives consent.

What help does it provide?

Case Management -- To help identify your needs and provide assistance to help you meet those needs. The Transitions case manager can help link you to community support services and information so you and your family will not feel quite so overwhelmed. Volunteer Services -- Trained volunteers donate their time and give assistance, encouragement and support through friendship, light housekeeping, help with errands and respite "breaks" to caregivers. Bereavement Services -- Bereavement services are made available to all Transitions families whether or not they are admitted to hospice care.


Anyone can make a referral.
Please call or e-mail Rochelle Sizemore with any additional questions.
859-236-2425 or 1-800-203-6633 or